Police Officer Turned Paranormal Investigator


  • Friday 6:00 pm
  • Sunday 4:00 pm

A metaphysical, supernatural, and spiritual gathering. For five years, Through The Veil Productions has dedicated itself to providing an event unlike any other. A weekend of opportunities to explore your beliefs in Spirituality, Metaphysics, and the Supernatural with the most notable presenters in the field.


  • Stacey Jones
  • Paul Selig
  • Mark Ireland
  • Callea Sherrill
  • Jimi Merk
  • Aidan Sinclair
  • Shelly Wilson
  • Carl Woodall
  • Andrea Perron
  • Roger Perron
  • George Lopez
  • Tim Shaw
  • Paulina Fae Cassidy
  • Jordan Duncan
  • Craig Gauss
  • Dr. John Henderson
  • David Hinshaw

Friday opening Keynote Speaker: Psychic Detective Paranormal Investigator John J. Oliver, Saturday’s Keynote Speaker: Best-Selling Author Paranormal Investigator Larry Flaxman. Featuring John Zaffis. Hear the real story from Andrea and Roger Perron, the family who lived the real life horror featured in the film The Conjuring. Investigate a location within the hotel with John Zaffis, Larry Flaxman, & Stacey Jones on Friday evening June 6th!


Fri 6/6/14
Keynote: John J Oliver- Channeling Fron The Higher Self


Tim Shaw:  Early Days of Spiritualism
Dr. John Henderson: Past Lives
Jimi Merk: I Am The Universe

Carl Woodall: Psychic Medium

Paranormal Investigation

Tim Shaw: Presentation and Demonstration of Spiritualism Seance
(One Attendee will win a Seance Trumpet)
Sat 6/7/14
Keynote: Larry Flaxman- The Grid- Expoloring The Hidden Infrastructure of Reality


Paranormal Panel: Bringing Your Investigations To The Next Level- Craig Gauss, Jordan Duncan, Clint Brownlee
Callea Sherril: From the Couch to the Camino: A Journey From Spirits to Spirituality
Paulina Cassidy: Oracle Deck Workshop
(One Attendee will win a One Of A Kind creation featuring YOU!)

Break/Lunch On Own

Andrea Perron/George Lopez: The Merging of Science and Spirituality
Paul Selig: Channeling
Larry Flaxman: NDE’s

Mark Ireland: Author of Soul Shift and Messages From The Afterlife

Stacey Jones: Afterlife 101
Jimi Merk: We Are Blessed To Exist
Shelly Wilson: Journey Into Consciousness

John Zaffis: From SyFy’s Haunted Collector

Dinner Break

Conjuring Panel: What Really Happened
(Featuring Roger and Andrea Perron, John Zaffis- Moderated by George Lopez)

Aiden Sinclair: Paranormal Illusionist-Illusions of the Passed

Sun 6/8/14
David Hinshaw: Dr. Eban Alexander and Dr. Raymond Moody (Video Interview)

6th Annual Through The Veil Speaker Panel

Larry Flaxman: Brain Wave Monitoring Results

Psychic Panel: John J Oliver, Jimi Merk, Carl Woodall

Speakers and Schedule Subject to Change

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