Police Officer Turned Paranormal Investigator


Stacey Jones has been fascinated with claims of hauntings since she was 6 when her mom recounted her own true tale. She grew up, became a cop, but never lost her passion for the unexplained. She began investigating Haunted Locations in 1984 and started her group Central NY Ghost Hunters in 1995 after responding to an “unexplained noise” complaint from a single mom of 3 young boys. She found no explanation for the noises, but suspected the house may have been haunted. The mother and boys fled the house, and Stacey vowed she would help those who needed it and a “Ghost Cop” was born.

Stacey is the nation’s leading female paranormal investigator and is well respected in the Paranormal Community for Research and has conducted over 1000 investigations. Throughout the years Stacey has teamed up with Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson, Zak Bagans, Chip Coffey, John Zaffis, Chris Fleming, Jeff Belanger of Ghost Village and “Researcher for “Ghost Adventures” and Renowned Parapsychologist; Dr. Barry Taff.

She has been featured on Discovery Channel’s “A Haunting” “Ghost Hunter”, “Hidden Terror”, Travel Channels “Ghost Adventures” and Zak Bagans “Paranormal Challenge”.  She also starred in her own Paranormal Reality show “CNY Spirits” On the CW Channel.  Stacey was also a co-host on TAPS PARAmagazine Radio and  featured on Coast to Coast with George Noory where he proclaimed Stacey’s “Horrific EVP” as the most profound piece of ghost evidence to date.

Stacey has traveled the country speaking at Colleges and Conferences since 2004.  She has spoken at Disney World, Gettysburg, Atlanta, New York City and around the United States.


  • Bluefield State College (WV)
  • Castleton State College (VT)
  • Cazenovia College (NY)
  • Elms College (MA)
  • Herkimer Community College (NY)
  • Highland Community College (IL)
  • Hobart William Smith College (NY)
  • Jacksonville University (FL)
  • Jefferson Community College (NY)
  • Johnson State College (VT)
  • Massachusetts College Liberal Arts (MA)
  • Middle Tennessee State University (TN)
  • Misericordia University (PA)
  • Penn State Dubois (PA)
  • Penn State Wilkes-Barre (PA)
  • Rutgers University-Cook Campus (NJ)
  • SUNY Cortland (NY)
  • SUNY IT (NY)
  • SUNY Oswego (NY)
  • Sussex County Community College (NY)
  • University of Michigan Dearborn (MI)
  • Upper Iowa University (IA)


  • Alcatraz
  • Eastern State Penitentiary
  • Ft. Mifflin, PA
  • Ft. Ontario, NY
  • Ft. Pulaski, GA
  • Gettysburg Battle Fields
  • Katie’s Bar, LI
  • Lemp Mansion Site, Stratford, CT
  • Myrtles Plantation
  • Rolling Hills Asylum
  • St Augustine Lighthouse
  • The Castillo de San Marcos, FL
  • The Queen Mary
  • The Stanley Hotel
  • Waverly Hills Sanatorium